Roberto Quaglia
Spring 2018 Couture Collection
October 10 – 24

Roland Nivelais
Couture Evening Collection
Designer Personal Appearance
October 12 – 13

Fine Jewelry
October 12 – 13

Katherine Jetter
Fine Jewelry
Designer Personal Appearance
October 26 – 27

Tyler Ellis
Exotic Handbags
Designer Personal Appearance
October 26 – 27

Wardrobe & Image Consulting

Our experienced team will guide and prepare
you for every facet of competition. You will find
yourself more in-tune with who you are and ready
to take on any situation. Our goal is to give you
the tools to elevate your skill set and become
an elite contestant set apart from the rest.

Elizabeth Anthony Collection

EA offers a vast array of American and European
designers that range from classics to the latest
trend. From understated elegance to show
stopping glamorous apparel – Elizabeth Anthony
is an exciting shopping venue for any woman
to get the perfect look!